Wedding Security Services

The security specialist used for the service will be trained on-site prior to the event and will be knowledgeable of all information and requests put forth by the client. The security measures will be robust and will only be changed on client request to suit the mood of the ceremony. The specialist team will work closely with the client and gather details of invited guests to make sure that any uninvited person or group is not allowed into the ceremonial area or its surrounding to disrupt the proceedings or mood of the auspicious day. Our specialist will run through the current security measures on the selected site and close any loop holes in security structure. The external angles from where one can sneak a view will be checked and corrected for the areas where any proceedings for the ceremony might happen and all the entry and exit points of the venue will be manned by security officers. The potential lookout list will be given to all security officers, which consists of the names and photos of uninvited and or unwanted guest whose sole intention is to create disturbance in the proceedings of the ceremony. Any individual or group with their name or names on the lookout list will not be allowed to enter the premises of the venue. After working closely with the Bride and Groom and acquiring the names of their Brides maids and Best men we will give all of them the Platinum security card. The Platinum security cards provided by us to bridesmaids and the groomsmen will helps our security operatives and security officers to identify the card holder and to acknowledge that all decisions made by them are client requests.