Traffic Control Management Services

This service is offered mostly for events where our traffic specialists will visit the event site and get to know the flow of traffic to plan parking spaces, ingress and egress routes and emergency vehicle routes. After closely working with the organizer the pedestrian paths and bicycle routes will also be planned. Then strategies to avoid congestions and maintain free flow of traffic approaching and leaving the venue will be put forth to the management. The strategies will also put forth the signages required, number of traffic marshals required, road blocks required and their timings. After the plan is approved by the organizers or client the team will mark locations where traffic marshal and other FFNE (Fixtures, furnitures and equipments) is required to effectively control and manage the traffic. After all strategies and structures are approved, we will conduct on site trainings for the staff to get used to the venue and routes to be followed for guests to reach their desired points of interest. We provide all FFNE, signages and protective wear needed for the venue.