Store opening & Product launch security Management

Our security staff will assess the location of the store and if required make changes to deflect any risk that might easily affect the security of the products and staff. The inside and the outside of the shop will be given an exhaustive check for any security loop holes and will be reported to the management before the commencement of the shop and its services. The Security specialists will be placed strategically inside and outside the store to mitigate the risk of shoplifting. We will use our tried and tested que management system and measures to keep the launch area crowd flowing and not stagnant. The Point where the important product is displayed is marked and the nearest exit routes will be manned by specialist who always keeps an eye at the displayed product. The staff will also be trained on how to use sign language to suggest security specialist to take notice of individuals behaving suspiciously or to remove a guest who is certainly trying to create disturbance is the store to spoil the experience of other guests. Walkthrough & handheld scanners and other frisking technics will be used by our security specialists and officers to deter any shoplifting plans made by external entities. All of our Security officers and specialists will be well groomed and well behaved.