MAS Security Services has employed a huge verity of security guards, security officers, event security guards, bouncers and close protection operatives. We can provide a security workforce of any size to our client as per the requirement. Our management and security officers’ teams will visit the site and design a point to point security plan that gives our client the recommendations on the number of security guards needed, movement pattern and improvements to be made for perfecting the security structure. Then the patterns will be tested on site and results will be showed to clients and then the expenses of implementing the structure will be broken down and explained. Our team will run mock tests and practice breaking the security measures to create a perfect security structure for our clients. Considering the budget of the company we will design the plan and number of Security guards and officers needed. The main focus is to plan, test and execute a security enforcement system that completely protects the client’s assets and safety of the staff employed by the client/organization.