Night Club, Private Party, Restaurant & Bar Security Service

The security operatives(bouncers) provided for private parties’ security services will be well experienced in similar events and will follow a strict monitoring opinion to keep the guests and clients safe and secure from any unwanted confrontation and losing their valuables. Any unwelcome and intoxicated person or folks will be escorted of the party area as per the preferences collected from the client prior to the event and on-site. Our Security Operatives(bouncers) will under no circumstance engage in any activity that might compromise their ability to provide complete protection to the client or invited guests. On request of the client we will also implement procedures to prevent unauthorized weapons from being brought into or nearby the location of the party.

In Night Club Security Services from the front door onwards till the restrooms and the back alley exits all areas will be covered by our Security specialist(bouncers) to ensure everyone is enjoying their time and no unnecessary altercations are created inside or immediately outside the club. The specialists will always be on the side of the management and the staff if/when an argument presents itself. The safety of the club staff, VIPs/VVIPs, guests will be the main concern of our operatives. All night club security specialists(bouncers) are well trained and have immense previous experience to deal with any situation or altercation without spoiling the vibe of the club.

For restaurants & Bars security service staff will cover all entry and exit points of the establishment and the valet point as well to ensure all staff and management employees safety and smooth running of operations. All our security officers will be well groomed and well behaved and adhere to establishment rules and preferences. The specialist(bouncers) covering the bar will be well trained and experienced to deal with intoxicated/unwelcomed guests creating commotion and will de-escalate the situation without disturbing the ambiance of the establishment, the same goes for the restaurant and dining area. If any altercations do arise between guests and restaurant/bar staff our security specialist will always take the side of the management and do as they prefer.