Jewelry Store Exhibition & Luxury Boutique Security services


This service ensures complete peace of mind to the client as we create a safe environment for them to exhibit their highly valuable jewelry collections. Our highly trained and experienced security officers follow stringent Security Industry Regulations and our own professional frisking methods to ensure the safety of the valuables, guests and staff inside and around the exhibition area. Our security officers inside the exhibition area will keep a close eye on every valuable ornament and also keep a closer eye on any individual exhibiting unusual and disturbing behavior. On request by the client our trained officers will help to remove any uninvited or unwelcome individual/individuals from the exhibition area without creating a ruckus and disturbing to other guests. Different types of scanning process will be used by our security officers including walkthrough scanners, hand held scanners and bag checks will be used to deter any thoughts of looting from the client’s establishment. The physical and mental health of all of our security officers and specialist will be remarkable and will help to fend off robbers or attackers away. CCTV cameras placed in the shop and their positioning will be inspected and any changes needed will be recommended to decrease the element of security risk involved. Our security officers in regular attire disguised as guests will keep alert and prevent any shop lifting attempts.

We are currently providing our Security guards and officers to numerous luxury boutiques in and around Mena region. All our security officers will be well groomed and well behaved with gargantuan knowledge of the dos and don’ts of the company contract. Both our male and female staff are well trained to deal with all kinds of scenarios and adhere to client preferences. We employ industry accepted security measures in and around the boutique to ensure complete safety.