Event and Crowd Control Security Services

There is no weak links in our chain of services, we are rated among the best for event security management. The quality and sophistication provided in our event security service is unrivaled throughout the entire region of United Arab Emirates. We work intimately with the organizers to create a fool proof plan and structure for the security facility and execute it to perfection. With the vast on-site knowledge of our event specialists’ and event security officers’ teams we calculate the necessary solutions required to dissolve any undesirable circumstance that might present itself unexpectedly. With us as the first and only needed line of protection the organizers can be at peace about the security measures and focus on making the event a memorable experience for their guests and or performers/artists. Our in-house team creates a planning time line and follows it to the dot to prevent delays in any tasks set forth and accepted by the organizers/client. Just to be on the safe side of it all we use our risk management team to do run-throughs of the plan and strategies to better the better the security positioning and equipment process. Then our crowd management team implements their systems and technic to control the ingress and egress flows. All entry and exit points for Royal family members, VVIPs, VIPs, Government officials and other dignitaries will be mapped and mock tested to erase any chance of penetration by external entity.

We use the latest crowd control systems and patterns to ensure smooth flow of the horde of folks from before ingress till a little after the egress. By helping each individual with directional information technic to know in which direction he or she must proceed to the get to their point of interest we diffuse the chance of confusion and chaos among the crowd. Ensuring a pattern of flow in and around the location we control the movement of the crowd as required. Our tried and tested queues management system and technic ensures a controlled and timely release of the crowd and hence keep them engaged with movement and ensures a measured flow and safety of folks.