Crisis & Emergency, Environment & Safety management Service

We provide this service to prepare an organization, its staff and employees to deal with any unforeseen disaster or circumstance. Our consultants will visit the site and get info on the number of employees, important equipment, irreplaceable documents and valuables then plan security strategies to minimize loss to the organization. Best exit routes suited for different scenarios will be tested and mapped. All the security, safety and exit strategies including the procedures to follow will be submitted to the management. After the strategies and procedures are approved our trainers and officers will conduct briefings for staff and management employees to get them up to speed on the dos and don’ts of the plan. We will run couple mock tests to get the actual response timings and then work to improve it.

Our environment and safety consultants will visit the site to inspect and evaluate the work environment, equipments used and practices conducted to confirm that all government safety regulations and industry standards are meet. If it is noted that all regulations and standards are not meet, they will advise the client on the procedures required to get them done. The main focus of the service is the protection of employees, customers and the work environment.