Close Protection Security Services

Our Close protection service is a zero-compromise risk mitigation and client protection service where our specialist (CPO) staff with immense experiences on ground encloses the client in an impenetrable ring of close protection operatives (CPOs) while on foot moving from point A to point B. This service is also allotted for the client’s car or secure Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) with close protection operatives (CPOs) on demand of the client to transport him/her to point or points of interest which are not accessible on foot. The core focus of the close protection facility will be to prevent or minimize the effects of a probable attack intended to cause physical harm or emotional embarrassment to the client under our protection. All close protection operatives (CPOs) are trained inside the classroom and on the ground for surveillance technics which give them a rounded knowledge of predicting direction of attack, how lethal the attack is and evasive moves to be made to deflect the attack when and if it happens. The three golden rules of Close protection operatives (CPOs) are Be Prepared, Be Flexible and To Be Alert always. We regularly conduct trainings and mock tests to increase our Close protection Operative’s knowledge and skill set. Our close protection operatives (CPOs) are experienced in holding hordes of overwhelmed fans of the client, chasing and subduing attackers of the client, using themselves as a human shield for the client and much more. The physical stamina, reaction time and defense technics     of each and every one of our close protection officers is always maintained at the highest level possible.