About Us

We believe in harmony at work but also to be our client’s first and only needed resort for protection and security.

Company Profile:
MAS Security was introduced into the UAE market in 2009 and since then have established ourselves as the market’s leading security services provider specializing in concerts, events, exhibitions and so on. Our approach to work is Client centric and we keep our services reliable, result driven and cost effective. We are an officially licensed and accredited establishment and our management team comprises of professionals with deep routed background in Military, Government and Security operation with vast experiences in training, consulting, latest security technologies, security operation, maritime risk assessment & mitigation, latest security measures, security training and consultancy provisions.

Continuously improving Quality:
We understand importance of the quality of our services provided to our valued clients and hence extremely push our standards of working to better levels, by involving our senior management in the day to day operations. To get another perspective all our services are audited on a quarterly basis by an external entity. We send out KPI forms to clients on a regular basis to get their feedback. The KPI consists of nine questions, these questions are rated on a scale of 1 to 4 (1 being the lowest score for quality of service and 4 the opposite).

Director Statement

At first, I would like to thank you on behalf of the entire team of MAS Security for your interest in our services.

MAS Security takes great pride in the services provided; not only for the quality of work we provide but also for the professionalism we put into it. We commit to offer you great quality services that are cut and tailored to each client’s needs and expectations, while still complying to all ethical principles.

Furthermore, my promise to you is that our services are unique within the field and our spot-on attention to detail help us differ from other companies.

I guarantee you that MAS Security Services will exceed your expectations and can be considered a great asset for your company’s growth.

Director, MAS Security Services LLC